Powerful speech from a Thai youth activist who got charged with le majesty law

Greetings to fellow citizens,

I have an important message to convey today. This message is meant to people from many different groups. I would like to ask you, to please listen to what I have to say carefully. I hope that my speech today, would be beneficial to us the people, the government, or even to the royal institution. I would like to get across my message, as much as I can, as though today would be the last day I would be able to make any form of speech.

We are not sure of the transparency of the justice system right now. I am not sure if I would be allowed on bail should I be arrested. But I would like to plea to you, to believe in yourselves and your power, and to carefully hear what I have to say.

Dear citizens,

Unconditional love, is loving someone without any limit; to let them have whatever they would like to, to love them even though you know full well that what they do is wrong, to close your eyes, pretending that you do not see what is openly wrong. Are you really going to blindly love and support, without any form of holding back?

As the people of the country, the true owner of the country, we should be allowed to openly discuss the royal institution, both to worship or praise, and to critic. This is the basic rights of the people living in the democratic constitutional monarchy, where the King remains under the constitution. Truly loyal citizens should be able to critic or voice out to the King when he goes astray.

Dear royalists,

The love and appreciation in the royal institution took time and effort to build up to what it is today by the previous reigns. All of that is going away, just because of the expansion of the royal power, to fulfil ONE KING’s every single need, for him to do anything as he pleases in the current reign. In addition, this would bring the royal institution even further from being a democratic constitutional monarchy.

I would like to sincerely ask you, if you truly think that it is worth it? Many royalists who are not so blind sighted understand that the loss far outweigh the gains. Not only that, it further destroys everything and make it far worse, just to please that one person.

From here on, me, as a representative of Thai people would like to directly address this message to the King, who should portray a respected image, worthy of being crowned the country’s leader.

People close to you may not have the bravery to forwardly warn you, but all of us here who truly means well for you are shouting at the top of our voices to let you know that, you are bringing down the dearly beloved royal institution that has stood by our country for hundreds of years, into the risks of bankruptcy only because you would like to expand your power.
Your power where you could do whatever you want under the Sun. I just would like to ask you to consider, if your greed is too much. For an excessive greed is another surefire way to disaster.

Your step towards absolute monarchy is going back in time against the forward moving world, and is far too brittle. Anyone who has a vision for the future could easily predict that; while absolute monarchy may be successful this reign, it could definitely perish in the next.

We all know how scary it would be for the royal constitution to perish. Whether you would want to make some changes for the royal institution to be rightfully under the constitution, is something you would have to think about.
Should you decide to change for the better, I believe that the gesture would impact the faith of every single citizens in Thailand, no matter which direction. Should you decide to improve the current situation, there are 3 areas where you should do so. These are:

The army force.

One country, should only have one army. You simply cannot have your own personal army.

To infiltrate yourself as a supporter to a group of politicians, no matter which, would undoubtedly bring about unhappiness to citizens. While meddling in politics may bring you power, this power is short lived. In the long run, this power would no doubt result in the deterioration of the royal institution.
Finance and economy.

What you have right now, you will never finish spending no matter how reckless or extravagant you may be. Yet, you took the country’s national treasure and transfer it into your personal account. You should transfer all of it back as soon as possible, so it would truly remain a national’s domain. Please do not let it come to seizing and competition between you and the people who truly are the owner of these treasure and the country. I would like to once again emphasize to you, that what you already own is already bottomless. So please, would you please transfer what you took to us? Could you maybe reconsider once more, the agenda of this expansion? Why is it necessary, and who is it for anyway?

Me, as an ordinary citizen, would like to firmly stand my ground that all of us as citizens, are the true owners of the country. If any of this may offend you, you as the head of the country should please listen to us.

Finally, I have a poem to all my fellow citizens; the true owner of the country, to the government and that place itself above the people, and to the royal institution which should be a positive image and figure of this country.

Determined to hunt anyone, as though not a human.
Determined to destroy the people, even children and youth
But the limit of being pushed down is reached,
so we worship and believe in the King no more.
Dear His Highness, please just listen
You can still stop, before it’s too late
You can prevent the absolute destruction
And we would all celebrate that decision.

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